Plant-based meat makers willing to give cultivated fat a try


In Belgium, a cultivated fat startup has conducted a survey showing more than half of plant-based meat producers would “likely or very likely” add cultivated fat to their products to improve taste and texture while preserving their “clean label” branding. 

Peace of Meat managing director David Brandes tells FoodIngredientsFirst the results confirm the company is on the right track. “Plant-based meat producers are eager to embrace cultivated fat as an ingredient not only to attract but retain consumers. This is a great validation of Peace of Meat’s business model,” he adds. “Most products will be cultured hybrids, combining cultured material with plant-based protein.” 

Peace of Meat hopes to begin consumer sales in 2022. The company currently grows avian fat cells, including chicken and duck, in a lab setting. 

 “Establishing a dialogue with over 50 companies in the plant-based field was eye-opening. The impact this industry has on animal welfare and sustainability is tremendous, yet convincing meat-eaters to change diets permanently remains a challenge,” Brandes adds.  “Cultured fat might be the missing ingredient creating real meatiness, and the plant-based industry is very receptive to this innovation.”