Celebrate National Drinking Straw Day with a free bioplastic alternative


In Georgia, single-use dinnerware maker WinCup says it will give away biodegradable drinking straws on January 3, otherwise known as National Drinking Straw Day. 

Dubbed phade, WinCup’s straws are made from Danimer Scientific’s Nodax polyhydroxyalkanoate. As long as supplies last, WinCup will send free straws to people who like them on Instagram or friend them on Facebook. 

Danimer’s PHA is made from canola oil and biodegrades in water and is compostable both at home and in industrial settings. 

“phade is truly in a class of its own,” said WinCup CEO Brad Laporte. “This unique product biodegrades and composts in a matter of months while meeting consumers’ needs and high expectations without sacrificing performance. Phade is created with natural biopolymers, allowing it to return to nature as safely and as quickly as possible. WinCup’s scalability allows us to make this straw available nationally.”