PANGAIA invests in renewable fibers startup


In London, sustainable apparel firm PANGAIA has invested in Kintra Fibers, a material science company making 100% biobased and compostable yarns. PANGAIA will help Kintra scale its sugar-based resin and yarn production process and develop fabric blends and apparel using Kintra’s technology. 

PANGAIA  says Kintra’s resin and yarns can be seamlessly integrated into existing synthetic manufacturing and textile production supply chains at a competitive price, providing a scalable and cost-effective sustainable alternative to synthetics such as PET, rPET, or nylon. The innovation aims to provide alternatives to over-consumption of synthetic fabrics made from oil as well as address ocean microplastics. 

“We are excited to be value chain partners with Kintra and help them realize the commercialization of their resin and yarn technology, bringing real systemic change of material possibilities for the industry. We hope this material will become a model not just for PANGAIA, but for the industry at large,” said Amanda Parkes, Chief Innovation Officer at PANGAIA, in a statement. “The Kintra fiber is a true embodiment of PANGAIA’s commitment to ‘high tech naturalism,’ our material philosophy. Kintra’s breakthroughs in responsible, bio-based chemistry allow us to design for the performance and end-of-life of our garments from the molecule up.”

Tech Council Ventures, which focuses on science and technology companies, and FAB Ventures, which invests in the sustainable fashion and beauty sector and is founded by Odile Roujol, former CEO of Lancôme, have also invested in Kintra.