ClearMeat targets clean meat adoption in India


In India, cell-based meat company ClearMeat has developed cultivated chicken mince that it hopes will address both the populous country’s increasing appetite for chicken and concerns for the environmental impact of this growing meat consumption. 

Unlike most lab-grown meat makers, ClearMeat claims its production cost, at $10.77–11.44/kg,  is already on par with conventional chicken mince prices.  

Co-founder Dr. Siddharth Manvati tells FoodNavigator ClearMeat chose minced chicken because it is a popular meat in India. He also believes the company can further reduce its price.    

Manvati adds that the company is looking for investors to help scale-up production and eventually target additional products, including more chicken products and other meats. 

Surveys have shown that Indian consumers would be willing to eat cell-based meat, but Mantavi says the company will be watching reactions to its lab-grown chicken mince to “understand whatever impact and backlash comes out of it… From what we see, the only way to find the right way to approach this is to sell the product first, and we’re taking this one product at a time,” he added.