Finnish circular fiber firm attracts big brands


In Finland, circular fiber firm Infinited Fiber Company is investing in more capacity as it racks up big-name partners like H&M, Patagonia, Wrangler, PVH Corp, and Bestseller.

The biotech startup’s technology can convert used textiles or any cellulose-based material such as used cardboard or agricultural waste into a biodegradable soft fiber. Applications include T-shirts, hoodies, dress shirts, and jeans.

H&M Group—arguably the largest name in fast fashion—participated in Infinited’s $4.11-million funding last summer. “Having invested in and worked closely with Infinited Fiber Company over a number of years, we are incredibly excited about their continued development and what this will mean for both H&M Group, and the wider industry in terms of our collective drive towards a more sustainable future,” said Erik Karlsson, investment manager at H&M Group’s investment arm CO:LAB. “To see other brands collaborating with Infinited Fiber Company speaks not only to the quality of product but also to its exciting commercial possibilities.”

Patagonia is also looking to Infinited to help it meet its target of exclusively using renewable or recycled materials by 2025.  “Infinited Fiber shows the industry that apparel waste has high value and is something to be utilized,” Sarah Hayes, Patagonia’s materials development director tells Sourcing Journal. “This waste is not only being upcycled but is being used to make a new premium fiber that can help push the industry toward circularity.”

Infinited is currently building a 50-ton pilot plant in Finland.