Absolut biobased: Vodka brand rolls out paper bottle prototypes


In Sweden, popular vodka brand Absolut has rolled out 2,000 paper bottle prototypes ahead of a wider production run in November. The prototypes are made of 57% paper, with the balance made from 100% recycled plastic. The first bottles will be available in Sweden and the UK, with wider distribution in spring after consumer feedback.

“The recycled plastic makes up the single barrier layer for the bottle, which can successfully be recycled as systems for processing this material are already in place,” the company tells Environmental Leader. “Once the prototype has been successfully tested, [Absolut] will move to the next stage of development, working towards the ultimate goal of a fully bio-based bottle.”

The bottle was developed in collaboration with Paboco, a paper bottle joint venture between pulp and paper manufacturer BillerudKorsnäs and bottle company Alpla. Paboco’s partners also include Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, and L’Oréal.