From tree to tank: Forest co-op starts up biobased methanol plant in Sweden


In Sweden, forest co-op Södra has begun operations at a biobased methanol plant at its Mönsterås pulp mill. The company expects to deliver its first shipment to Emmelev A/S, which will use the methanol to produce biodiesel.

“The transition to a bioeconomy means that all raw materials must be used efficiently,” Henrik Brodin, strategic business development manager at Södra, tells Canadian Biomass Magazine. “Biomethanol is produced from the crude methanol recovered from the manufacturing process at Södra’s pulp mills. It is part of the circular process that already exists in Södra’s mills, in which all parts of forest products are used for the best possible effect. With this step, we are showing the way to a fossil-free society, and it is fully in line with our own strategy for fossil-free transportation by 2030.”