DEINOVE expands its range of cosmetic active ingredients with blue-light special


In France, DEINOVE says it is has developed a new cosmetic active ingredient, produced by fermentation and based on a totally original carotenoid, designed to restore radiance and vitality to the skin. Its ability to absorb blue light and its outstanding antioxidant properties had been demonstrated in vitro. Ex vivo studies have since been carried out, confirming these properties and revealing additional features, particularly in terms of complexion homogeneity and brightness, which are particularly sought by the cosmetics industry. The active is currently being clinically tested and data will be available for the official launch.

DEINOVE is already marketing a first cosmetic active ingredient, a second in partnership with Greentech and plans to launch new assets in 2020. Several other cosmetic actives are in development, including with Oléos (Hallstar Group) and Dow. It also runs a program in animal nutrition with Groupe Avril.

DEINOVE has developed a unique and comprehensive expertise in the field of rare bacteria that it can decipher, culture, and optimize to disclose unsuspected possibilities and induce them to produce biobased molecules with activities of interest on an industrial scale. To do so, DEINOVE has been building and documenting since its creation an unparalleled biodiversity bank that it exploits thanks to a unique technological platform in Europe.