Fabbri Group launches bioplastic cling film


In Germany, Fabbri Group has developed packaging film for food based on BASF’s ecovio bioplastic.

Fabbri Group says the stretch film, dubbed Nature Fresh, is certified compostable with home food waste and offers high transparency and optimal mechanical properties. It is also compliant with US and European food contact regulations.

“We observe a changing market environment,” BASF Biopolymers production process manager Carsten Sinkel tells Packaging Gateway. “The market is looking for alternatives to PVC that is today’s performance standard for most cling film packaging of fresh produce. Our certified compostable ecovio enables the production of a cling film that prolongs shelf life of fresh food and at the same time can be composted after use together with organic waste according to national legislation.”

The new film is suitable for meat, seafood, and produce.