Packaging company taps Danimer for compostable produce bags


In Georgia, bioplastics maker Danimer Scientific and Columbia Packaging Group have partnered to make compostable produce bags from Danimer’s Nodax™ polyhydroxyalkanoate.

Nodax was verified by University of Georgia researchers and the UGA New Materials Institute as a biodegradable alternative to petrochemical plastics in 2018. The materials will enable Columbia Packaging Group to manufacture produce bags that will reliably biodegrade in home compost units and industrial composting facilities.

“Demand for plastic alternatives that have a minimal impact on the environment is continuing to rise, and PHA is a sustainable material that consumers can rely on to transport their favorite fruits and vegetables,” says Stephen Croskrey, CEO of Danimer Scientific.

Columbia Packaging Group’s existing products include Lindamar Industries’ Compostable Bags, which are made from renewable starch and biodegradable polymers.