Vending machine coffee gets greener


In Italy, coffee products maker Lavazza has introduced biodegradable and recyclable paper cups for use in coffee vending machines.

Most paper cups for hot beverages are not recyclable because of a polyethylene lining.  KLIX Eco Cup, however, uses a water-based dispersion barrier that allows the cups to be recycled along with other paper waste.

Developed in partnership with forest products company Kotkamills, KLIX Eco Cup material is sourced from sustainably managed forests. The cups will be available in February.

“Calls for a reduction in single-use plastic for food and drink containers increased our commitment to offering our customers and consumers a revolutionary solution to meet their needs: KLIX Eco Cup marks another step forward in our mission to deliver the most sustainable drinks vending solutions in the world,” says Ashley Weller, General Manager Lavazza Professional UK.