Indian teen turns jute into biodegradable straws


In India, a teenager is making biodegradable straws from jute in a bid to curb the region’s mounting plastics waste crisis.

Sunam Taran collects jute stems from the Assam region, and washes and dries them. No chemicals are required, and the straws can be reused.

“Though there are other alternatives to plastic straws like paper straws and wood straws, but due to an uncompetitive pricing the market circulation of these products is less,” Taran tells G Plus.  “When plastic straws decompose they release toxins which are harmful to the environment. We are introducing jute straw at a competitive price to plastic straws so that small restaurants can also opt for this organic way.”

Taran got the idea from a Vietnamese man making straws from Lepironia articulate, a grass common in the region.

“Little steps like this can make a lot of difference in this world,” Taran adds.