Newest Bond flick gets a green makeover Newest Bond flick gets a green makeover


In Hollywood, California, the latest Bond production—No Time to Die—is giving the long-standing spy series an eco-friendly and socially conscience makeover.

According to the Daily Mail, the set sent 30 tons of food and biodegradable materials to an anerobic digestor to generate electricity. Crew were also issued reusable water bottles, cutting single-use plastic use by nearly over 200,000, and over 11 tons of waste was recycled.  Even the plot has an environmentally focused angle, as Bond and associates battle a villain threatening to release a deadly algae that could decimate the world’s oceans.

Other updates to Bond’s image include an electric Aston Martin and a wife who keeps her last name. The $255-million movie, likely Daniel Craig’s last outing as 007, will premier in April 2020.