Surf and scuba sustainably with biobased wetsuit


In New Jersey, Hyperflex is selling wetsuits made from a renewable insulating foam dubbed Greenprene.

Hyperflex says the 100% Neoprene-free wetsuits are produced from deproteinized natural insulating foam along with sugarcane, plant oils and oyster shells. They also feature Bio-SpanTM recycled high stretch laminates as the interior and Aqua-SilkTM abrasion-resistant material as the exterior fabric. Both are made from recycled plastic.

Unlike other Neoprene-free wetsuits, Greenprene provides thermal protection and is available in thicknesses ranging from 1-7 mm.

The material has also earned a United States Department of Agriculture Biobased and Biopreferred product label.  Hyperflex says that, not only are the wetsuits greener than the alternative, they also provide a new solution for individuals allergic to Neoprene.