Your next credit card could be made from ocean plastic waste


In Colorado, CPI Card Group is launching payment cards made from waste plastic recovered from the ocean.

Dubbed Second Wave, the cards are the first made from ocean waste and are EMV® and dual interface capable. CPI adds that it has entered into an agreement with one of the largest U.S.-based card-issuing financial institutions to provide Second Wave™ cards in addition to current debit and credit financial payment cards.

“The health of our environment is a shared responsibility of businesses and consumers. Now more than ever, the issue of plastic waste in the Earth’s oceans demands awareness and action from people and businesses alike,” said Scott Scheirman, President and CEO of CPI Card Group. “With Second Wave, we are drawing attention to the upcycling potential of plastic waste that is either in the ocean or imminently ocean-bound. We estimate that for every one million Second Wave™ payment cards produced, over one ton of plastic will be diverted from entering the world’s oceans, waterways and shorelines.”