Protect your pooch with natural dog toy stuffing


In New York, The Good Stuffing Company has launched its first line of plush dog toys, which are stuffed with poly-fil made from natural plant starch. Dubbed SafeFill™ Stuffing, the material will dissolve “like cotton candy” should a particularly focused Fido manage to chew the stuffing out of the toy. Conventional stuffing can pose a choking risk.

“We spent years researching and developing an alternative to poly-fill, which was safe, affordable, and environmentally consistent with our values,” says Dan Troiano, CEO of Good Stuffing. “We expect dog owners everywhere to be attracted to our great looking line of Good Stuffing plush toys with SafeFill™ Stuffing.”

The toys are available exclusively at Petco and through 2019. Over two dozen “fun and attractive” toys will be available for dogs of all sizes.