Let it rain! EcoRain poncho made with sugarcane based bioplastic


In Brazil, Braskem is partnering with GreenGear Supply to provide Braskem’s I’m Green Polyethylene (PE) bioplastic for its durable, reusable and lightweight EcoRain Poncho.

EcoRain Ponchos made from Braskem’s carbon negative, I’m Green Polyethylene (PE) bioplastic are recyclable as number 4 plastic through traditional community-based plastic recycling locations and are packaged with 100% recycled paper as well as soy-based ink, further contributing to GreenGear Supply Co.’s commitment to sustainable consumption solutions.

Cultivation of sugarcane utilized in the production of I’m green Polyethylene captures carbon dioxide (CO2) and releases oxygen (O2), which means Braskem’s bioplastic has a negative carbon footprint. From a cradle-to-gate life-cycle perspective, every 1kg of I’m greenTM Polyethylene used in the production process equates to 3.09 kg of CO2 captured from the atmosphere. I’m greenTM Polyethylene is part of Braskem’s broader commitment to a more circular economy as well as more sustainable solutions for society as a whole.