Biobased diapers made from cornstarch, sugar beets, sugar cane and wood derived cellulose a way of the future


In Italy, Atertek, a consulting company that specializes in R&D of disposable hygiene products, is working on replacing more than 90% of the content of the top and back sheets and absorbent cores of disposable diapers with biobased alternatives, according to Youris European Research Center.

Usually, the diaper components are made from petroleum based plastics, but Atertek uses a “PLA made from cornstarch, sugar beet and sugar cane and a cellulose derivative from wood serves as the basic matter for the core absorbent, chosen for its good imbibing capacity,” according to Youris.

“The top layer has been tested in the lab, on human cellular cultures and it has been proved that this kind of plastic is more compatible with the skin, compared to the current fossil based polymers,” states Alessandro Gagliardini, researcher working for the company, Atertek.