Indian entrepreneurs launch bamboo and corn fiber sanitary napkins


In India, Violette Sathe and Rajesh Chandavat have founded Breakfree, a biodegradable sanitary pad company.

“Women need to know that having your periods should not impact our environment,” Sathe tells Hindustan Times. “And it is now possible to do just that.”

Manufactured in Vietnam, the pads are made from bamboo and corn fiber and sell for two lakh each. The current inventory is 60% sold out, Sathe says.

“We have kept our profit margins low so as to give our customers a good price. If a popular brand sells its pads at between Rs 125 and Rs 140 for a pack of eight, Breakfree pads cost Rs 125 for a pack of seven. This is four regular-sized pads and three night-time ones,” Sathe adds.