AMOÉBA’s substance fights against rust disease in field crops


In France, AMOÉBA, producer of a biological biocide, announced an efficacy of more than 85% of its amoeba lysate Willaertia magna C2c Maky in planta against rust. Rust is a group of diseases that are particularly damaging to field crops (soybeans, wheat, etc.).

Amoéba thus broadens its spectrum of action in biocontrol application by demonstrating an in planta efficacy of more than 85% against bean rust used as a rust model. The tests were carried out by an independent expert company, according to a standard protocol. Rust is caused by the fungus Uromyces fabae, a pathogen very different from the other germs (downy mildew of grapevine and late blight of potato) on which the lysed amoeba has already demonstrated its action in planta. To date, there is no biocontrol product in the world for the treatment of soybean rust or cereal rusts. This new demonstration of efficacy against one of the most fought diseases in the world confirms the strategic dimension of biocontrol in the development of the amoeba application portfolio.