World’s first water-activated powder shampoo debuts


In New York, OWA Haircare, Inc. launched the world’s first water-activated powder shampoo, Moondust Collection: Hair Wash. It is sourced from naturally-derived ingredients and is a powder shampoo that becomes a liquid when activated with water in the shower.

Conventional liquid shampoo is typically around 80% water, according to OWA, and Moondust Collection: Hair Wash is 0% water. This product contains a unique blend of gentle cleansing agents activated by water that condition both the hair and scalp.

Moondust Collection: Hair Wash maintains the quality and efficacy of salon-grade shampoo and is free of water, sulfates, parabens, silicones, and synthetic colors and fragrance. OWA’s debut offering is part of the company’s mission to make the beauty industry a more sustainable place.