Georgia company to launch PHA-based straws


In Singapore, Georgia-based RWDC Industries has launched a biobased plastic, which will first be used in drinking straws in the local market.

Dubbed Solon, Georgia-based RWDC introduced the polyhydroxylalkanoate bioplastic at Singapore’s Ecosperity Week 2019. Though initially available for biodegradable straws, the bioplastic is suitable for other items, including cutlery, cups, bags, plates, and bowls.  The launch closely follows $22 million in funding completed in April as well as the receipt of Temasek Holdings’ Liveability Challenge 2018 award.

“We believe that it is our duty as stewards of the planet to use our talents, energy and time to leave a legacy of a sustainable future,” says Daniel Carraway, RWDC’s Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.  “There are a number of ‘compostable’ single-use plastic alternatives on the market; however, these materials can only be composted in well managed, commercial composting facilities that are equipped to operate with precise control systems.”

Solon is certified by European certification authority TUV Austria to safely biodegrade in natural environments, leaving absolutely no harmful remains or by-products.