Rice and tapioca straws launch at Whistler


In British Columbia, Rice Straw Technology is distributing biodegradable and edible straws made from rice that are already being used at the province’s famous Whistler resort.

The straws are half rice powder and half tapioca. Kristi Wells, Regional Sales Director for Rice Straw Technologies, tells Pique  the straws are sturdy and have a smooth texture. They come in a variety of sizes, are tasteless, and last several hours in cold drinks and 2-3 in hot beverages.

“It gets a bit of a bow in it, as it slowly starts absorbing the liquid, but it’s still functional. The hole doesn’t close up or anything, it just gets a little bent,” Wells added. In the environment, they take up to 100 days to break down. The straws already have received approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Rice Straw Technologies aims to next bring single-use cutlery to market.