Swedish funeral company launches wheat bran and food waste coffins


In Sweden, the green burial trend is getting a new twist with coffins made of wheat bran and biofibers from food waste, including orange peels and shrimp shells.

Dubbed Saga, the coffin is being sold by Fredahl Rydéns, a large Nordic supplier of funeral products. The material, called OrganoComp, is produced by OrganoClick and is 100% biobased and biodegradable.

“OrganoClick’s biocomposites are based on research within biomimicry from Stockholm University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. By mimicking nature’s own chemistry, and combining this with our unique fiber molding technology, we have developed strong and durable materials which can be used in such demanding products as burial coffins with high requirements on quality and surface smoothness,” says Mårten Hellberg, CEO and Co-founder of OrganoClick.

OrganoClick’s factory north of Stockholm can produce 50,000 coffins a year.