Algae foam makes green backpacks and travel bags even greener


In Canada, Tentree International is making their recycled products even greener with algae foam, and being the first company to make bags out of such a material. The algae-based padding and foam for their backpacks, totes and travel bags are sourced from Bloom Foam.

Before this, algae foam was only used for shoes and surfboards, according to Forbes. Tentree CEO and Founder Derrick Emsley, told Forbes that “Not only is the end material more sustainable, but the process to harvest the algae and create the material is incredibly beneficial to the environment. While algae typically helps keep water ecology in balance, too much of it can actually hurt the freshwater habitats and the people and animals living around them. The algae foam is created by harvesting the algae from polluted water and recirculating clean water back into the environment.”