Live green, die green with these sustainable burial options


In London, design and architecture publication dezeen has compiled five sustainable burial options in honor of Earth Day.

They include “Mourn” by Studio Nienke Hoogvliet, which comprises a cremation urn made from the biodegradable bioplastic polyhydroxyalkanoates. The cone-shape container releases the ashes slowly into nature as it breaks down. Next, egg-shaped pod Capsula Mundi houses a corpse in the fetal position in biodegradable material. A tree is then planted above the burial site.

Leaves by Shaina Garfield employs fungus to quickly decompose a body wrapped in natural cotton and laid on a wood surface, while Barcelona’s Bios Urn employs an incubator with cremated remains, a tree seed, and a self-watering system. It even includes a smartphone app so the bereaved can monitor the tree’s progress.