Be green before you black out with tequila-waste straws


In Colorado, tequila maker Código 1530 has launched straws produced from agave waste to celebrate Earth Day and combat plastic litter.

The margarita mainstay maker says the straws are produced from agave fibers left over from tequila distilling and are 100% biodegradable after 12 months, even in standard trash. They also won’t wilt or lose shape.

The tequila began generations ago as a family recipe made in a small distillery in Amatitán, Jalisco, but was discovered recently by a group of business owners and investors on a Mexican golf trip. They formed Código 1530 Inc. to bring the local tequila to a larger market.

“We quickly realized that after harvesting Agave to distill Código 1530 Tequila, the remaining agave was only being used as mulch to top our soil for future plants or burned as a fuel source. We are still using some of the excess agave fiber as mulch, and now have begun producing straws and cups in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. This is a lifesaving program for sea life affected by plastic pollution,” says singer and Código investor George Strait.