Swede’s doctoral thesis features bioplastic from apple and orange waste


In Sweden, Veronika Bátori has developed a bioplastic using apple and orange waste as part of her doctoral thesis for Western Swedish University.

Her work used two methods. One turned the waste into a liquid, which she dried into a film that can be used for food packaging or garbage bags. The second created products by 3D printing the fruit waste. While apple waste and orange waste can be used separately, different properties can be achieved by combining the two, she said.

Bátori hopes her work can be used in commercially available products within a decade.  “I would love to find a company that can help me develop the products, but right now there are no plans for a second step,” she tells TT newswire. “There are a lot of discussions about food, fuel, food production and cultivated land, and from that perspective I believe the future lies in bio-products made from waste,” she said.