Seaweed-based T-shirt now comes in new botanical dyed colors


In Malta, Pangaia, a biobased clothing company, launched two new t-shirts that use botanical dyes from plants and a low water consumption method as the shirt colors. The two newly available natural colors are pink and yellow.

The natural dyes they use to dye their fabrics have been created from food waste and natural resources. Plants, fruits and vegetables help to achieve richly hued tones, which work well together. Their supplier dyes textiles in a way that uses less water, is non-toxic and biodegradable.

For the fabric, Pangaia uses a natural fiber derived from saltwater seaweed that grows abundantly in a natural ocean habitat, avoiding the use of land, water and pesticides in traditional farming. The fiber created is lightweight and absorbs moisture faster than cotton and retains some of its active algae nutrients. At the end of the garment’s life, it biodegrades seamlessly.

Natural, plant-originated textile treatment uses peppermint oil as its main active ingredient and has an antibacterial effect. They use it as a finishing treatment on the fabric to keep the garment fresher for longer as the t-shirt needs to be washed less often, saving water, energy and time.

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