BAUX launches 100% biobased acoustical panels


In Sweden, BAUX launched their latest innovation, the first 100% bio-based acoustical panels, which were developed in collaboration with design studio Form Us With Love, scientists from the royal institute of technology (KTH), and a high-tech life science laboratory working with biomimicry to organically modify cellulosic fibers from recycled streams of swedish pine and spruce trees. The pulp is colored with non-GMO wheat bran instead of paint in order to create panels that are 100% biobased and biodegradable.

The new BAUX acoustic pulp panels are a series of nine biobased, biodegradable panels that were inspired by origami folding techniques to create an acoustical environment and were presented during this year’s Stockholm furniture fair.

BAUX’s CEO, fredrik franzon told DesignBoom, “Designing and prototyping for the future is not enough. We need to create a sustainable future today. The new BAUX acoustic pulp is the result of our deep commitment to this vision. When it became clear to us that we could organically mimic nature’s own characteristics—like the fire retardancy properties of grass roots, the water repellency of lotus flowers, or strength created from the catalytic combination of potatoes, plant wax and citrus fruits—we knew we were onto something revolutionary.”