French seaweed company expands into biostimulants


In France, seaweed-based biotech company Algaia has added plant biostimulants to its list of products. Biostimulants improve crop health and stress-resistance.

Founded in 2004, the company already sells extracts such as alginate for the food and cosmetics industries using seaweed from the Atlantic coast.

The company chose seaweed because it does not require arable land or fertilizers to cultivate.   “Seaweeds are sustainable, renewable resources with untapped potential,” Fabrice Bohin, CEO of Algaia, tells  Bohin adds that Algaia is likely the only company globally with the ability to refine fresh seaweed into so many applications. “Our refinery plants are uniquely located next to fresh abundant resources,” he adds.

Bohim says that seaweed extracts are increasingly in demand from industries where consumers want natural ingredients.  Algaia raised €4 million in May to expand production in France.