Plant based ingredients target skin conditions caused by blue light


In France, BASF’s Care Creations presented several new active ingredients that were derived from the research activities of the company’s innovation platforms on epigenetics, microbiome and extraction, addressing the dermatological roots of skin conditions and helping manufacturers meet end-consumers’ needs.

BASF developed three unique leaf extracts, inspired by plant defense strategies, to offer a complete protection against multiple sources of light, especially blue light.

Ciste’M, a rockrose extract adapted to arid climate, protects the DNA of skin cells from the effects of UVB exposure and prevents the deleterious effects of blue light. DN-Age, a candle bush leaf extract, promotes the cell’s youth during sun exposure. It offers a comprehensive cellular DNA protection against UVA, UVB and blue light and helps to promote the skin’s natural DNA repair process. Arganyl, an extract of argan leaves, protects DNA against blue light in two ways (DNA anti-oxidation and breakage) and has anti-pollution efficacy e.g. against particulate matter.