Guns go green with biobased bullet wadding


In Texas, an ammunition company has launched a biodegradable bullet material that is even beneficial for soil. RIO Ammunition says the wadding, which is the term for the cylinder between the lead and the powder, is of vegetal origin. It biodegrades into CO2, mineral salts, and biomass, essentially turning into fertilizer.

“The hydrosoluble wad is a testament to RIO’s commitment towards innovation. We continuously work to make our shotshells more precise, more reliable and also reduce its impact on the environment. Now we can offer a shotshell with the two elements that are expelled from the shotgun—the shot and wad—having a limited, even positive impact on the environment,” Eduardo Baeza, RIO Ammunition General Manager, tells AmmoLand. The new material will be used in the company’s steel-shot BlueSteel line of ammunition. It will be introduced at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas this week.

The company says the innovation will improve the help reduce the environmental impact of shotshells.