Ranking 2018’s most compelling green tech innovations


In Australia, online lifestyle publication eco warrior princess has ranked the best green technology innovations launched in 2018, and renewable and circular economy products featured heavily on the list.

Berlin’s Kaffeeform came in second. The company is producing reusable cups from waste coffee grinds, keeping both food waste and coffee takeaway waste from ending up in landfills. AlgaLife, a company producing pigments and fibers from algae took third, while edible six-pack rings developed by Salt Water Brewery, We Believers, and Entelequia took fourth. The rings are 100% biodegradable and will not harm wildlife if ingested.

Other innovations on the list included DB Export, a New Zealand brewery that crushes empty beer bottles into sand that can be used in construction, and Coral Vita, a company that grows coral and replants them back into the ocean—at 50 times the rate they would naturally grow on the ocean floor.