World’s first wearable fashion garment made from liquid waste


In Australia, biomaterial technology company Nanollose Ltd created the world’s first wearable garment using the company’s eco-friendly Tree-Free Rayon fibre (Nullarbor), sourced from sustainable coconut waste. The sweater is the first of its kind and marks a breakthrough for an industry that is urgently seeking sustainable alternatives to clothing made from traditional rayon and cotton, which have larger environmental footprints.

Nanollose’s innovative biomaterial technology process begins in a facility where microbes naturally ferment liquid waste products from food industries into cellulose, a cotton-like a raw material that then is transformed into their Nullarbor fibre. Their process to produce cellulose requires very little land, water or energy and a production cycle is just 18 days, compared to the eight months seen in the cotton industry.

“We believe that we are the only company producing Tree-Free Rayon fibres from waste, and we have now reached a point where our technology is moving out of the laboratory and into the factory. Once we achieve this increased scale, manufactures will have an alternative eco-friendly option available to them.” said Nanollose Managing Director Alfie Germano.