CLP now available as biobased alternative in environmentally friendly spray cans


In Minnesota, CLP (clean, lubricate, protect) products are traditionally made of hazardous mineral oils and other petro-based solvents but Cortec’s EcoAir Biobased CLP offers an environmentally friendly alternative in the form of EcoAir Biobased CLP, a biobased product in an air-powered spray can.

Utilizing a canola oil base, EcoAir® Biobased CLP contains 89% USDA certified biobased content. It provides excellent penetrating, lubricating, and rust preventing action for industrial, shop, and home use, according to their press release. It can be used for many functions such as loosening rusted parts and protecting equipment components from wear and corrosion.

EcoAir Biobased CLP leaves behind a very persistent layer that resists corrosion for up to 24 months. If needed, the layer is easy to remove with common detergents. For ease of application and added environmental friendliness, Cortec has packaged its biobased CLP fluid in an air-powered spray can that dispenses the lubricant without the use of flammable or ozone depleting propellants.