Wessex Resins now producing biobased epoxy formulation


In the United Kingdom, Wessex Resins is now producing ENTROPY RESINS, range of high-performance, bio-based epoxy formulations.

The resins are largely plant-based formulations and used in production of snowboards, surfboards, paddle boards, sailboards, skateboards, kiteboards, ice hockey sticks, and other kinds of sporting equipment, according to Sail World. The biobased resins helps lower the carbon footprint of finished composite parts that are used in the sporting world.

Wessex Resins are producing the biobased resins under license from Gougeon Brothers, Inc., for the European, Middle Eastern, African, Turkish, and Indian markets. There are six products in the ENTROPY RESINS range.

“This is a fascinating concept and wonderful opportunity for Wessex to be in a market that is only going to get bigger,” Ian Oliver, Managing Director Wessex Resins told Sail World. “ENTROPY RESINS are bio-based epoxy systems with a meaningful percentage of raw materials from sustainable feedstock sources. Manufacturers and individuals who are serious about the environment can reduce their carbon footprint.”