The Climate Corporation accelerates farmer innovation with new partners


In Canada, The Climate Corporation added three new partners – SoilOptix, A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. and AgCon Aerial Corp. – to the company’s Climate FieldView digital agriculture platform.

SoilOptix offers high-definition, detailed field nutrient maps; A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. enables farmers who use Climate FieldView to easily view their A&L soil test results and analysis; and AgCon Aerial Corp. delivers extensive field mapping and analysis through advanced aerial imagery.

“Over the past two growing seasons, Canadian farmers across 4 million acres have experienced the value of the Climate FieldView platform’s data-driven, digital tools to help address the many decisions they make each year to optimize productivity,” said Denise Hockaday, Canada business lead for The Climate Corporation. “Through collaborations with companies like SoilOptix, A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. and AgCon Aerial Corp, we are continuing to accelerate digital ag innovation and the ability for farmers to access more digital solutions in one, connected platform.”