Plant-based TUNO seafood alternative debuts


In North Carolina, Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC debuted TUNO, a new plant-based, canned seafood alternative for seafood-free sandwiches and salads all across the U.S. Made with non-GMO plant-based protein ingredients, this protein-rich, gluten-free food features the light, flaky texture of seafood and is packed with nutritious omega 3s, but is completely fish-free.

“We recognize that seafood is not an endless resource,” said ANF founder and chairman, J. Douglas Hines. “If our planet’s resources are not guarded and supplemented with alternative proteins, our future generations will not enjoy simple lifestyle requirements as basic as protein.”

Created in collaboration with seafood industry experts from around the world to help address the growing crisis of global fish stocks being overfished and depleted, TUNO offers a delicious, ocean-safe and mercury-free creation that tastes like real tuna while providing its versatility in a more sustainable form. TUNO is available on Amazon and in retailers soon.