Researchers look to cephalopods for another source of protein


In Denmark, among chefs and researchers in gastronomy there is a growing interest in exploring local waters in order to use resources in a more diverse and sustainable manner.

One group is looking at using the cephalopod population as a counterweight to the dwindling fishing of bonefish, as well as having an interest in finding new sources of protein that can replace meat from land animals.

Speaking about the initiative CephsInAction, Professor Ole G. Mouritsen from the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen said, “The reason for CephsInAction is that we generally lack knowledge about cephalopods. The project includes broad research into cephalopods – some are carrying out research in psychology, while others are conducting research in how to transfer the movement patterns of cephalopods to robots. We have been invited because there is a need to look at how to make use of the cephalopods in food.”