Gamaya’s agronomic intelligence platform for tobacco now in use


In Switzerland, Gamaya’s TobaccoFit solution is now in use by Philip Morris International and will be commercially available to growers in Brazil in early 2019. Gamaya will extend the product offer to other parts of the world, including the United States, in the near future.

By combining drone-based imagery obtained from its proprietary lightweight hyperspectral cameras with AI-powered data analytics, Gamaya is able to provide customers with robust monitoring and analysis of their tobacco fields. A fully-automated analysis is undertaken on a weekly basis and delivered to customers within 48 hours via an online platform.  Customers are alerted of potential issues affecting their crop and provided with actionable advice throughout the various stages of tobacco growth.

Gamaya’s unique agronomic intelligence platform can detect diseases such as the tobacco mosaic virus and provide plant-to-field level insights about crop and agronomic conditions, including plant flowering time, leaf maturity levels, and soil compaction.