Centaur Analytics decreases food waste in the post-harvest supply chain


In California, Centaur Analytics, Inc. raised $3 million in funding to accelerate the deployment of its Internet-of-Crops Platform and to expand its predictive analytics and trusted quality chain management systems for commodities such as grains, flour and high-value commodities.

Centaur’s proprietary sensors and Internet-of-Crops Platform have been successfully deployed to monitor stored and transported crops across five continents. Customers include leading grain buyers, flour mills, logistics providers and pest control companies. This investment round positions Centaur well to meet the growing demand for its products, expand its installed base of connected sensors worldwide, and extend the functionality of its specialized quality analytics solutions for major crop categories.

Dr. George Tziralis, partner at Marathon Venture Capital, who also joined the company’s Board of Directors, said, “We feel privileged to become part of Centaur’s mission to decrease food waste and crop spoilage in the world, by building a global, post-harvest quality chain.”