Algae production pilot program hits major milestone


In Michigan, PHYCO2 LLC’s three-year pilot program with Michigan State University reached a new milestone with the operation of its new, scalable algae production technology reactor. The reactor will reduce the level of carbon emissions produced by electric power generation boilers.

The PHYCO2 algae reactor has operated continuously for over 7 months and is still running. A new 1,000-liter reactor with a new design that builds upon the earlier research was also built and put in service. It is expected to have lower operating costs, scalable design and higher productivity rates. The conversion process transforms CO2 to algae, which then can be used for a multitude of products, including nutrition for humans and animals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

William Clary, PHYCO2 President and CEO told Advanced Biofuels USA, “The studies conducted at MSU with PHYCO2’s algae photobioreactor represents the growth and development of future food sources and environment saving technology that truly is market sustainable. The technology developmentallows PHYCO2 to continue to be at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development. The collaboration is a direct response to the current global demand of cost competitive algae sources and CO2 emission reductions.