TerrAvion and FieldX deliver high resolution aerial imagery to field agronomists


In California, TerrAvion, the largest volume provider of aerial imaging real-time data for agriculture, partnered with FieldX to launch the GeoNotes mobile app that brings aerial imagery solutions to agronomists. High-resolution aerial images provided to TerrAvion users will be available for recording georeferenced notes and pictures in the new FieldX GeoNotes.

FieldX GeoNotes is used to record agricultural-related comments and photos at points of interest in the field.  While using the app, the user’s path through the field can also be recorded and saved. With TerrAvion high-resolution imagery displayed in GeoNotes, the user can confidently navigate directly to trouble spots in the field and efficiently document the issue.

Every week in the 2019 growing season, TerrAvion will be capturing thousands of acres of row-level imagery and delivering it to growers and agronomists overnight so they can target scouting, vary inputs, and intervene early on the inevitable issues on every farm.