First ever biofueled Airbus delivered from Alabama assembly line


In Alabama, the Airbus production facility in Mobile is delivering a new A321 jet fueled with a 15% biofuel and 85% conventional fossil fuel mix for the first time ever from the facility. The jetliner is flying out of the “Final Assembly Line” in Mobile on Thursday and many believe this could bring new economic opportunity for Alabama.

Daryl Taylor, vice president and general manager of the Mobile plant, told that aviation biofuel could help Alabama farmers to “create new markets,” ideally without hurting food production or producing other negative consequences.

“Our goal is to source sustainable fuels in the southeastern United States,” said Frederic Eychenne, head of new energies at Airbus. “It is an opportunity to work closely with local stakeholders to scale up production and the commercialization of sustainable aviation fuels in the region. We are actively seeking ideas to leverage Airbus’ strategy into opportunities for new development in Alabama.”

The Mobile FAL will deliver four more JetBlue jets this year with a mix of biofuel and regular fuel. According to information provided by Airbus to, the fuel was supplied and certified by Air BP and loaded by Signature Flight Services.