The Impossible Burger now available in every White Castle


In Ohio, White Castle became the first national fast-food chain to offer the Impossible Burger at all White Castle restaurants nationwide. After a successful pilot program in three regions, the Impossible Foods’ plant-based burger is available at all remaining Castles.

“Our Cravers definitely developed a hunger for the Impossible Slider,” said CEO Lisa Ingram, whose family has led White Castle for four generations. “Sales easily exceeded our expectations. The Impossible Slider is a hit with both loyal ‘Cravers’ and customers brand new to White Castle who are seeking out this buzz-worthy slider.”

The Impossible Slider debuted in April at 140 White Castle locations in New York, New Jersey and Chicago. Based on the overwhelming success of the pilot program, White Castle – largely credited for inventing the slider – is expanding the availability of the Impossible Slider to all 377 of its restaurants in 13 states – from New York to St. Louis.