Ireland adds biogas for first time to the country’s gas network


In Ireland, Gas Networks Ireland is introducing renewable gas onto the Irish gas network for the first time, projecting that at least 20% of all gas used in Ireland can be renewable by 2030. The aim is to further reduce Ireland’s emissions by using natural gas and biogas together as they can be used interchangeably in the same appliances. The renewable gas will be sourced in Ireland using agricultural residues and by-products.

“Gas Networks Ireland is part of the Ervia commercial semistate company that owns and operates the national gas grid in Ireland and together with project partner NUI Galway, it is leading the European Union co-funded Causeway project,” according to Bio-based World News. “Causeway’s infrastructural roll-out is carried out by Gas Networks Ireland, with NUI Galway’s Ryan Institute leading the dissemination element of the €25 million project.”