North Carolina fertilizer startup has unlikely boy band roots


In North Carolina, a former Justin Timberlake-owned startup is seeing growing demand for its biobased fertilizers.

Mirimichi Green was formed in by CEO Russ Britton and COO Web Cowden in 2013 with equity input from Timberlake and his family. Its products bio-activated carbon fertilizers are made completely of renewable biomass, including materials from landfills, and are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture and the US Composting Council.

Timberlake, a former member of boy-band major N*Sync who has since moved on to a successful solo career, became involved in 2008 when he and his family bought the Mirimichi Gold Course outside of Memphis. During the five years Timberlake was an equity owner, the environmentally friendly course  developed Mirimichi Green’s formulation. The since-spun-out fertilizer company now offers tailored products for landscapers, developers, educational institutions, golf courses, government agencies, parks and recreation departments, and equine farms, among others.

Algae blooms are often caused by chemical fertilizer runoff from agriculture and lawns.