Halla releases an AI-enabled food ordering platform


In California, Halla, an artificial intelligence company focused on personalized recommendations for the $2 trillion food ordering industry, announced the release of its Intelligent Ordering platform called Halla I/O. Using Deep Learning technology built on the psychography of food selection, Halla I/O increases order volume and frequency for online grocers, restaurants and food delivery portals, and helps consumers shop effortlessly.

“Food is very psychological,” said Spencer Price, co-founder of Halla. “Every dish breaks down into tremendously data-rich subcomponents, but then deciding which elements matter to a person selecting a dish or planning a home-cooked meal requires a logic particular to food.”

Services like Yelp offer restaurant reviews, but don’t help to decide what’s for dinner. Not only does Halla I/O help identify the best burrito or thin crust pizza, but it serves meal recommendations based on individual food preferences, as well as suggestions for individual ingredients during online grocery shopping.