AgEagle buys Agribotix to offer food sustainability analytics


In Kansas, AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc., a precision agriculture drone imagery data company, acquired Agribotix, LLC, a drone-enabled software company that provides advanced imaging and data analysis for sustainable and precision agriculture.

To enhance AgEagle’s recently announced sustainability initiatives, the company plans to integrate Agribotix’s FarmLens data analytics platform within AgEagle’s service offerings, providing the agricultural supply chain with advanced analytic capabilities to identify areas where they can build soil health and reduce water or chemical usage. The FarmLens software utilizes the data captured through remotely-sensed imagery to develop crop reports for customers. These reports provide the customer with the high resolution data needed to monitor crop health and track performance, which leads to increased crop yield and ensures the most sustainable practices are being used.

Through the FarmLens platform, Agribotix has processed more than 1.3 million acres of crops from over 50 countries and examined 53 different crop types.